30 October 2012

No nail polish this time!

Eeek! My nails have been naked for a couple of days now, as I've been too busy with Guild Wars 2 Halloween events to do anything else! xD When that started I was working on editing some photos of the new Fall/Winter line by Kinetics, but I had to take a break from it. Swatching and editing an entire collection is hard work that I had underestimated, still you can expect that post to come up later this week. For now, I'll just show you what I have been up to. xD *geekmode_on*

It all started last week, on the 22nd, Lions Arch got ready, and decorated, to celebrate Halloween and the death Mad King Thorn's, a tyrannical king that was slain by it's own people, chopped into pieces and his spirit was banished to the Underworld. Legend has it, that he can return to this world once every year, and it so happens to be on Halloween night...Well, he hasn't come back in over 250 years, but this year is the 500th anniversary of the Mad King's death and strange, creepy energies are rising and weird things are happening all over the realm...Could he be coming back?

All normal at first, and we were all enjoying the festivities with some pumpkin carving and engaging on a scavenger hunt, searching for some clues about the Mad King. 

Also, having some fun on Costume Brawls!
But then, some weird portals appeared all over the realm and we're transported over to the Mad King's Realm! 

You find yourself inside a Labyrinth, with skeletons, spiders and candycorn men trying to kill you (and weird things popping through the walls o.o)! Better run for your life!

You can try your jumping skills to get to the top to the Mad King's Clock Tower, but are you fast enough to get to the top before you're drowned in some weird green goo? I know I wasn't... -.-'
HAH! He came back! He appeared right in the middle of the main square in Lions Arch, completely destroying the lion statue that was there and leaving this huge hole! I wonder where could that lead...?

To his realm, obviously! But this time, you'll get to confront the King himself and try to bring back some peace to the humans world...

You better be ready for me, you Mad Pumpkin Head!

So, yeah...I killed him and, hopefully, he won't be coming back from the dead until next year, but you'll never know...it's only the 30th after all, and a lot can happen before Halloween is really over. We'll just wait and see...


Ahahah, silly post, but I had to! I don't have any cute or creepy Halloween mani to show you, I've just been having so much fun with this, that I had to share the reason for my absence. ArenaNet really surpassed themselves on this event, I can't stop playing!

Hope everyone is having fun and watching plenty of scary movies! Happy Halloween, girls! ^^

PS: Sorry for the graphics, but as my fellow redditors say, I play on a toaster!


  1. DUDE!!! LVL 80 Elementalist here!! Have you see the amazingly adorable baby Quaggans dressed up in Lion's Arch? "Coooo.... I mean OOOoooOOoo". XD SO cute!!

    1. "It's Holler...Hollow...It's Candy Day!!"

    2. HAAAHH! LVL 80 Mesmer here! Which server are you on? I'm at the Underworld with my guild. IGN is Blackmoon Lilith. xD
      Yeah! They took all my candy corn the other day, but I have to keep running after them around the square, the little cute meanies kept running away! I need a quaggan in my life, they're too adorable. ^


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