17 October 2012

Go Pink for October!

As you all must know by now, October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I (like so many other bloggers) couldn't let this subject pass me by...

First of all, I'd like to say that I consider myself lucky, as I don't know anyone in my family or close to me that is suffering or has suffered from this awful disease. The closest I have been to this subject was when I was 16 and I found a HUGE mass on my right boob, and I really mean HUUUGE! It scared the crap out of me, but after a couple of tests the doctors came to the conclusion that it was nothing, just some really dense mammary tissue and that it would go away with time. I think that was one of the worst and most stressful weeks of my live and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders when I got the good news...I really can't imagine how hard it would have been had it gone the other way...Unfortunatelly, breast cancer knows no age or gender, it can happen to anyone, so I really feel it's very important to raise awareness on this subject whenever and wherever we can, and this is my way...

Girls (and guys), check out your breasts (or chest area) regurlarly, and if there's something that doesn't feel right, even the tiniest thing, don't hesitate to contact your doctor, it's always better to be safe than sorry...

Now that is out of the way, lets move onto the manicure, shall we? :P

For this I used Orly Rock It! and Gosh Bubblegum, I think they look cool together! xD I've had the Orly for almost a year, but all I did with it was a simple gradient when I started blogging (here if you want to laugh at my photos and lack of skill back then xD), and I've never tried painting my nails with it! I guess it was because I was so disappointed with it when I got it, I was expecting it to be a cool duochrome, but unfortunatelly I can't see any of that effect on my nails. Still, it's a really beautiful dark pink!
I used 2 coats of both polishes and then made a french on my accent nail and stamped it my DRK-B using Rock It!

With this, I also discovered that I dislike Konad plates...DON'T SHOOT ME! This was so not the design I wanted to stamp, but after failing 3 times with the Konad plate, I just gave up and went back to my beautiful. wonderful and very loved DRK-B, that thing never lets me down! So there, no more buying Konads for me. u.u

Now I just need some MASH...and Bundle Monster...and Cheeky...I need them all!


  1. This is a beautiful mani. I only have one Konad plate and I purchased it from a mall kiosk when I have just started getting into stamping and paid like 7/8 dollars for one plate. So lame!

    1. Thank you! I have the DRK and 6 konads that cost me about 20€ total, a few months ago. I could never make them stamp perfectly and I get so frustrated with them! xD

  2. Love it!
    Eu também já apanhei 1 susto e infelizmente tenho em ambos os lados da minha família.
    Por isso o meu cuidado é 3x maior.


  3. oh, don't forget about Red Angel plates!! they're pretty awesome too =)))
    I love love this mani!!! This stamp is awesome, whether it turned out perfect or not!

  4. Gostei muito desta manicure!!
    Ficou perfeita *.*


  5. Nice blog dear!
    Keep up with the great work!!

  6. The polish is looking great with your skin tone


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