04 November 2012

Let's Pink! - Kinetics Fall/Winter 2013

Yay! Finally, I managed to get all these photos ready to go! I edited twice as much, but that would make this post waaaaaayyy too long, so I'll stick with a couple per polish. Ok, getting to the point...

Today, I have swatches of the entire Fall/Winter 2013 collection by Kinetics. This collection is called Let's Pink and the brand describes this as a "return to the classics after a bright summer. But these classics have a life of their own! The new collection starts with brilliant metallic elements featuring day and night hues. The line's main accent is Let’s Pink polish, challenging the dark elegance of Black Silk and Mock Black. The collection is rounded out by Signature Wine and Royal Ink in rich and saturated notes, and slight cashmere accents in Beige Anyway polish."
Here are the 12 colours that take part in this collection:

   - Pink Silence

Pink Silence is a bubblegum pink with some silver shimmers. I failed to capture the shimmer on the nail, but it is visible in the bottle shot. This was the sheerest of the collection and the only one that required 3 coats. I actually liked this shade on me, who knew? :p

   - Let's Pink

This is the one that names the collection, and to me it's the most boring, most common shade of pink...Everything in this screams old fashion, from the colour to the frosty finish and the visible brush strokes. This was my least favourite from the entire collection, I just don't see the appeal in these kind of shades. :S

   - Signature Wine 

Now that we got the pinks out of the way, things are getting better! Signature Wine is a beautiful burgundy, with a lot of pink in it's formula, since sometimes it looks like a really dark pink, depending on the light.

   - Illusion

Illusion has a weird colour...to me, it's a mix of purple with gray, it's one of those hard to define colours that looks really different under different lights. It has a lot of small shimmer in some different colours. It's another frosty...I liked this one better in the bottle than on my nails.

   - Royal Ink

This one is a very dark, deep purple without looking black on the nail. Not really a new shade of purple, but one that I always love!

   - Smoky Pearl  

And another frosty...This one is a light silverish white with a hint of green (?? Seriously, this is a really hard colour to describe, and since I'm always soooo good at it... but hey, I try! xD)  in it's formula. It's another old fashion colour, kind of reminds me of those frosty whites my aunt used to wear when I was a kid. xD

   - Dawn Tea

Now this is something new to me! I don't have any other colour like this in my stash. This one is a light greenish khaki and I absolutely love it. It's my second favourite from the entire collection!

   - Beige Anyway

Not much to say about this one..It's beige with gold shimmer. Really pretty and elegant!

   - Twilight

Very dark brown with a hint of green in it's formula. I'm a sucker for brown nail polishes during the winter, so this one is just perfect for me.

   - Grey, no Pink


Ok, I don't get the name of this polish, help? xD Other than that it's a very pretty medium gray.

   - Mock Black

It's not black, this I can tell you! It's a dark gray, but not really black!

   - Black Silver

Aww, finally my favourite from the bunch! Now this one really is black, filled with shimmer that sometimes looks like really small flakies. The shimmer reflects some green and purple, but it's really hard to capture with my camera.

Formula wise, these were absolutely perfect! They all took 2 coats to make them look like this (except Pink Silence that needed 3), but they're so easy to apply, one could really say "they go on like butter"! I think it's one of the best formulas I've tried, I didn't need to do any clean up after applying these and all of the photos were taken without base or top coat, as you can see, they're really shiny. Even the smell on these is quite pleasant... o_O

Colour wise, I really loved the cremes and the shimmers, not the frosts... I noticed that what they call metallics, to me are nothing but frosts... :S Overall, I think it's a really nice collection with different colours for everyone. How did you like it? Any favourites?

You can find and purchase these at the Kinetics Nail System website: http://www.kineticsnails.com/en/home/

(These were sent for review)


  1. Raquelinha, fiquei encantada com o Black Silver. Realmente parece pequenos flakies :D Estou a pensar na tua reacção ao experimentares o Let's Pink e o Pink Silence xD

    Raquel www.cupcakesandairwaves.blogspot.com

    1. Devo ter feito caretas a aplicar aquilo nas unhas! Jasus... xD

  2. Replies
    1. Last one is amazing! My favourite as well! ^^

  3. Your swatches are beautiful. I think they called it Mock Black because it appears black but once you get up close and personal, it is not.

    1. Thank you, Melissa!
      Ohhhhh, now that makes some sense! xD Guess that's what happens when english isn't your first language. :P

  4. Olá =)
    É dos post's mais maravilhosos que já tive oportunidade de ver! Tanto devido aos maravilhosos vernizes como ao texto!
    As cores são soberbas mas aqueles que mais me despertaram a curiosidade foram Grey No Pink e o dawn Tea =)


    1. Mto mt obrigada, Rosana! Agora fizeste-me babar, sabe sp bem ver o nosso trabalho reconhecido. ^^

      Sem dúvida 2 cores lindissimas, mas o Dawn Tea é tão fora do normal q me apaixonei por ele por esta mesma razão.

  5. Replies
    1. Ah, I'm not a big fan of pink, but I totally understand why you think that. It's a really cute pink. ^^

  6. What a lovely collection! Gorgeous photos, too <3 I love the last three and Signature Wine.

    1. Thanks Liesl! <3
      I really enjoyed this collection, I think it has colours and finishes for everyone!
      Yep, same as me, but I have to add Dawn Tea to my favourites, it's just a different colour.

  7. beautiful swatches! smoky pearl is definitely my fave.

    1. Thanks! I'm not a fan of it, but I reckon it would look really good as a colour base for some nail art!

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  9. Bem, gostei de vários! Eu não estou inscrita no site, podes dizer-me quanto custa cada um? (só dão acesso ao preço se estivermos inscritas)


    1. Eu tb n estava, mas inscrevi-me de propósito para te responder! xD
      Os vernizes lá custam 5,95€ mais portes, q n sei como funcionam... Por acaso Portugal n consta da lista de entrega no site, mas a Cristina do The Clockwise Nail Polish, contactou directamente c a Kinectis Portugal e eles deram-lha mais informações q vou copiar, descaradamente do post dela! xD
      "Cada verniz tem um valor de 6.90€ sendo que podemos encomendar através do seguinte e-mail enquanto não houver venda online kineticsnails@lookleal.com"

      E a lista de revendedores:

      Av. 1º Dezembro, 106
      4590-505 Paços de Ferreira
      Tel/Fax: (+351) 255872939

      Rua do Bombeiros, 6
      4740 Esposende
      Tel: (+351) 253965640

      R. Dr.Cassiano Baptista, Edifício Rio Sul, M
      4990 Ponte de Lima
      Tel: (+351) 258942887

      Av.25 de Abril, Edif. Encosta do Elevador, 2
      4900-497 Viana do Castelo
      Tel: (+351) 258847396

    2. Ui, super caros! :S Mto obrigada, Raquel :)


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