20 October 2014

[ABC Nails] N is for Nerdlacquer

Good evening, everyone! Hope you had a great weekend.

So here I am, with another post for the [ABC Nails] challenge that I'm doing with with Maggie, from Maggie's Nails, and Rosana, from Eternal Feelings.

Today's nail polish is quite special for me, it's my favourite out of my entire collection, and was my biggest lemming for the loooongest time. It's also the most expensive nail polish I have in my stash, and it cost me 18€, about a year and a half ago. 

Apparently, there's a lot of controversy around Amanda, the creator of Nerdlacquer, at the moment. I had no idea of what was going on until now, that I just checked her Google+ profile. If I'd knew beforehand of what was going on, I would have chosen another brand for this letter...which is sad and such a pity, since she makes my favourite indies of all time and I still want so many more of her creations, but after reading what I read, I'll hold on to my money and refrain from buying from her.

Anyway, take a look at this beauty, called All of Time and Space, inspired by one of my favourite TV shows, Doctor Who (just finished watching the latest episode and omg! it just keeps getting better!).

As you can see in the photos, All of Time and Space is a lovely seafoam green, with lots of silver glitter and with some magenta also thrown in the mix. It also has a very pretty silver shimmer. I, absolutely, love everything about this nail polish! The harmony between the chosen colours for the glitter, the way that it applies onto the nail (here I have 3 coats that apply like butter) and how it looks on my skin tone. I can't say one bad word about it! 

Combined with All of Time and Space, I have 2 coats of Andreia 18, that I stamped with Kiko Mirror in silver, using a SA-03 plate, on my ring finger. On my pinky, I dotted 2 different sized dots, using the same Kiko and a dotting tool.

And this is it for now, hope you guys have a wonderful week! <3

13 October 2014

[ABC Nails] K, L, M id for Kinetics, L'oreal and Max Factor

Brace yourselves, a shit ton of photos is incoming!

Now that the warning is done, lets move on to another [ABC Nails] challenge that I'm doing with Maggie and Rosana, as you all know by now.

For this first manicure, I chose 2 of my favourite Kinetics, Sugar Blue, that I used on my middle finger, index and thumb, and Smoky Pearl on my ring finger. Both of them have great formulas and cover perfectly with 2 easy coats. On my pinky I used 2 coats of O.P.I My Private Jet and to spice it up a little, I did a stamping decal to apply on my ring finger. For that I used a GA36 plate, Essence Black is Back and filled in the bows with Sugar Blue and My Private Jet.

As for L, I went with L'oreal Hidden Gems, that I applied 2 coats of, on my thumb, index and pinky.On my middle and ring fingers I have 2 coats of Colorama Mar Sem Fim, stamped with Essence Black is Back, using a Fauxnad m78 plate. (Excuse the tiny nubs, but I've done these about a month ago and was saving them for this post.)

And lastly, I finally picked up my Max Factor Fantasy Fire. I've had this polish on my drawer for about 2 years now and never used it...SHAME ON ME! It is a must have (and must use!!) and I'm so glad that I'm doing this challenge or I'd never go for it. Here, I layered one coat of Fantasy Fire over Leticia Well Professional 143 (gorgeous and cheap purple!).
Oh, this was a pain in the ass to photograph, so I just chose the photos where it's beauty shows the most, the rest of the photos were kind of meh...

Now, that I'm fully up to date and can post at the same time as the other girls, I realized that the next post should be up tomorrow and I have no nails ready for that, so oops! D: So I guess you can expect that one by wednesday at most...goddam, I'm always running late, gotta get my shit together. -.-''

Well, hope you enjoyed this post, don't forget to tell me which manicure is your favourite and to check the other girls posts.

Have a good monday!

08 October 2014

[ABC Nails] I is for Innisfree and J is for Jindie Nails

Hello hello! 

Still catching up with the ABC Nails Challenge, that I'm doing with Maggie and Rosana, this time I have another 2 manis for you.

For this first one, I used Innisfree 102, which is a lovely glitter polish. It is a very soft pink, with a hint of gold and some very small blue glitters, and also has some larger pink glitters. My nails were fully covered in just two easy coats. On the ring finger, I used  2 coats of Essence Iced Latte, a very nice nude on the pink side and stamped with Kiko 399 using a VL stamping plate that I got from Aliexpress.com.

For the second manicure of today, I went with something bolder. It was still hot outside when I used it, so I was still in the mood for some bright colours. I layered 2 coats of Jindie Nails Wild Watermelon over another 2 coats of Sensinity 32. I have to admit, the Sensinity was pretty good for Chinese store nail polish, I was quite surprised!

And this is it for today, I hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to check out what the other ladies chose for these letters. Hopefully, I will be fully up to date on my next post, which will feature letters K, L and M.

Have a good night!

21 September 2014

[ABC Nails] G & H is for Gosh and Hard Candy

Hey everyone! 

I know, I know...I come and go, but this time it wasn't really my choice, my internet was being a b*tch to me and my landlord is very slow taking care of things like this. But hey, I finally made it! Now I'll just be playing catch up again...story of my life! xD 

Ok, so if you guys recall, I was doing the ABC Nail Challenge with Rosana and Maggie before I stopped posting. They continued to do so, and now I will be trying to catch up to them, which will be difficult, since they're already on L and I stopped at F! Let's do this and start with G and H on the same post. 

For the letter G, I chose Gosh. It's not a brand I really love, I mostly never buy from them, but I really like the colours that I do have, especially this one, Miss Minty. 

In this manicure I'm wearing 2 coats of Gosh Miss Minty, 2 coats of Marylins 109 on my middle finger and 2 coats of Innisfree 101on my ring finger. On my index I tried, for the first time, a stamping decal. For that I used the Marylins, Kiko 705 to fill in the feathers and a Gals GA38 plate.  

For the letter H, I went with Hard Candy, Lava. I got this tiny bottle as a gift, from a blogsale purchase, for over 2 years now, and if it wasn't for this challenge, I guess I would never use it. Which is sad, cause it is really gorgeous! Downside is that it stains like no tomorrow! Cuticules and nails...I only had this for 1 day, and it turned my nails completely pink! For me, that is unacceptable...

I had no idea of what to do with it, and I think I must have spent an hour or so, sitting on the floor, trying to find a good match for it. I finally chose Misa Catch a Flick. On my thumb and index, I stamped using a BM-323 plate and Konad white.

 And that's it for today's post, hope you enjoyed it.

Have a great week!