02 October 2012

No buy...yeah, right!

I was supposed to spend the summer on a "no buy", I thought it would be easy since I was going to my parents house and there are ALMOST no places where I could buy nail polishes around here...but I failed!

I figured this would be my last buy before restricting myself on buying polishes, until october...

Ozotic 532 and Hits Air Glow

A couple of weeks after, I went with a friend to a huge chinese store, as she wanted to buy some cheap stuff for her new house, and what I found there left me stunned...rows and rows filled with all kinds of nail polish that I could never get a hold of in my city! She was buying some for herself and I just couldn't leave empty handed, could I? So I bought 3 magnetic nail polishes for 1,50€ each and 3 glitters for 1€ each.

Love Me 203, 201, 401

Marylins 117, 119, 121

A couple of days later, Kiko releases a new LE collection...HOLOS!! So I asked Ana, from O Meu Maior Vicio to get me the gold/taupe one and the blue/green/whatever one. I sold the blue/green/whatever one as soon as I got it, because it was just like Up Colors Verde 360º (that I had on my nails the day I got the Kiko's package), but kept the other one and fell in love with it. Around the same time, I went with my boyfriend to another chinese store, here near my parent's house and bought a gold nail polish for stamping, and several nail art polishes for stamping too (all for 1€ each).

Kiko 399, Marylins 109

Marylins 23, 17, 14, 20, 18

I shared some of my buys with Cristina, from The Clockwise Nail Polish, and she asked me if I could get her the black glitter like mine, and so I did...And the chinese store had lots of new polishes and I don't even know how I didn't buy more! xD My boyfriend was with me and I kept repeating "Please get me out of here before I buy everyone of these!". He didn't pay much attention to my pleas and I ended up leaving with 4 new polishes for myself and 1 for Cristina... -.-' (again, 1€ each]
Yes Love L006 (already reviewed here), K032, K034, K011

And finally...I was searching for Revlon Royal Cloak for a while now, but whenever I found it online, shipping was always too expensive for my liking, so when I saw that Claudia, from Holographic Hussy, had 1 up for sale, I grabbed it, MINE! It just got here today...Oh, and on my last trip to the chinese store, I picked up another goodie from a portuguese brand...

Revlon Royal Cloak and Cliché Siamês

I think I might have a problem...but then again, it's not like I have too much nail polish, I only have 179 in my stash, that's not too much, right? RIGHT?? So why should I restrict myself from buying what I like and makes me happy? I don't get it...

Well, enough with the "no buy" thing, it clearly doesn't work for me... 


  1. you are still a healthy girl!
    Keep hoarding! :DDDD

  2. Comprar vernizes, como sinto a falta... Há lojas em que é mto complicado... Mas pronto, vou ganhando um por outro de presente, já me ajuda mto...

    A Yes Love anda mesmo com cores giras, devo sem dúvida investir nuns qd acabar o meu desafio. E aqueles glitters da Marylins tenho-os visto por aí, depois a ver se vejo como fica em ti :)


  3. No real nail polish woman could leave those beauties in a cold dusty store unloved and unused and sleep with a clear conscience at night. You did the right thing. You took one for the team.

  4. 179 isn't much at all so the buys are totally worth it ;)!

  5. Well done on the no-buy! ROFL :) I agree the taupe Kiko holo is just gorgeous <3

  6. wow nice..i love it!
    new follower..
    pls followed me too!



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