10 October 2012

Purple Professional #50 & #52 Swatches and Review

Paula, from the brand Purple Professional, was kind enough to send me 2 nail polishes from their new fall line, to review.

The first one up is #50, a sheer, soft pink:

As I said before, this is a sheer nail polish, so what you see here is 4 coats of it. It was really easy to apply and the 4 coats were no hassle at all, as it dried really fast between coats. I reckon this shade would be perfect for a french manicure, and even if this isn't really my style, it left my hands looking very elegant, at least that's how I felt while I was wearing it! Oh, it also has a lot of shine, I'm not wearing any top coat in these photos.

Then we have #52, a beautiful shade of green teal? Is that a real colour? xD All I know is that it is some sort of green to my eyes and I love it!

I absolutely love this colour! Blues, greens and teals are my all time favourite, and I was really excited to try this one. It has a really good formula, perfect in one thick coat (but I used 2 thin ones instead), took a little longer than the previous one to dry, but it still dried in a very acceptable time, and again, no top coat here either! The only problem I had with this nail polish is that it staind the skin around my nails while I was removing it, it didn't stain my nails though, so that's a plus! 

At the moment, Purple Professional is only sold here in Portugal, but they're wanting to expand to other countries, so keep an eye out for these!

Purple Professional website -> http://purpleprofessional.com/home.html

Purple Professional Facebook -> https://www.facebook.com/purpleprofessional

(These were sent for review)


  1. Adorei a elegância e simplicidade do 1º!

    Também gostei do 2º mas é impossível não gostar :)


    1. Às vezes é bom ter algo mais simples para variar! ^^

  2. Adorei os dois vernizes, ambos ficam elegantes nas unhas =)


  3. adorei o rosinha, dá vontade de fazer a ponta francesa eheheh



    1. Sim, dá mesmo vontade de fazer uma francesa, mas como eu n sou fã do look, deixei a ideia de lado. :P

  4. Thank you! Hope you have some fun around here. :p


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