02 October 2012

Born Pretty Store Goodies Review

Today I have some items from the Born Pretty Store for review. For those of you that still don't know, Born Pretty Store is an online store that has a lot of different items, especially in the nail art department.

I chose to review 2 of their nail polishes for stamping, the red and the yellow, and their 2 sided stamper. First I'll show you some photos of how they performed.

For the red stamping polish, I started with a base of Barielle Falling Star and then  stamped with my DRK-B.

For the yellow stamping polish, I went with Color Club Revvvolution and stamped with the same plate.

As you can see, both of these stamp great, they're really easy to work with, I was able to pick them up with the stamper with no flaws and very easily, the only problem I have with these is that their colour seems to be a bit altered, especially the yellow one that turned green over Revvvolution.

The stamper worked really well for me too (I've been using it all summer) and here's some photos of it in action:

 (yes, I use the small side to stamp my entire nail, except on my thumb xD)

The stamper came with a metal scapper but as most of you, I'd rather use an old credit card than the scapper itself, so I didn't even try it...

There are links to all the products used here in this post and if you'd like to buy anything at the store, feel free to use my code to get 7% off your purchase.


  1. Love the manicures but I wouldn't have said those are red and yellow haha!

    1. And that's exactly my problem with these, the colours look really different after stamped.

  2. Wow you're have like perfectly manicured nails! I do nail art and I hate taking pictures up close because I don't have the prettiest cuticles. What's your secret :D

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    1. To be honest, I think I'm just lucky...I just use some cuticle remover once in a while (like the one from Essence or Mavala, I've heard that the Sally Hansen one is very good too), push them back a bit every time I change my manicure and apply some cuticule oil (using O.P.I Avoplex at the moment) after painting my nails, that's all I do!


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