07 August 2012

31 Days Challenge #6 - Violet

I have a confession to make...this one was done in a hurry, I wanted to go to the beach this afternoon, but I had to paint my nails before going. I tried to stamp, but it didn't work that well, so today I have something really simple. :S

I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen Good to Grape and 2 coats of Catrice Forget-Me-Not on my accent nail. Both of these polishes have great formulas, I used Good to Grape on my toes several times already, and it never disappoints. Forget-Me-Not also stamps really well.

What does everyone think about my nubbins? I feel so weird without my longer nails, but my ring fingernail has a major breakage ("fixed" with the tea bag method) and so low that I can't file it all the way down, then I broke a corner on the nail of my pointer finger...had no choice but to chop them down.


  1. That's some really cute purples there

  2. Love these colors. I have a ton of the Sally Hansen CSM polishes but I don't have Good to Grape...need to add to my wishlist :) PS I think your nails look lovely at this length.

    1. I only have 2 (they're quite expensive here), this one and Polar Bare, and they're both really awesome.

  3. It's one of my favourite Catrice nail polish!


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