08 August 2012

31 Days Challenge #7 - Black & White

I had no idea of what to do with this one and when I finally decided what I wanted to do, I wasn't happy with it...I mean, I like it, but my stamping sucked, so I'm considering it a fail.

I started this one with 2 coats of Purple Professional #32, it's not a perfect, easy white, but it's not bad either, I managed to get a good coverage, with no streak marks with only 2 coats.  After that, I added some french tips in black, using Kiss Nail Art Black, and then stamped with the same polish and my DRK-B (are you tired of my plate already? xD).

I do like this look in general, but I'm really sad with my stamping...I don't really know what I did wrong, I guess I need to keep practicing. Oh well, not everything turns out how we want, better luck next time!

Any tips on how to improve my stamping skills?


  1. It looks like a watercolor. Pretty :)

  2. I had some difficulty with stamping today too...must be in the air :) I like this design it reminds me of ink blots or like kelly said watercolors. Think you did great!!! :D


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