06 August 2012

31 Days Challenge #5 - Blue

Doing this challenge has been really hard so far. I'm at my parents house for the month of August, close to all my friends, family and my boyfriend, and because of that I keep going out and having lots of fun and little to no time to do this properly, but I'm trying my best!

For today, I have a repeat combination, but in a differet way. Once again, I paired up Up Colors Azul Disco and Eyeko Rain and this is what came out of that:

The stamp was done with Kiss Nail Art in Black, using a m57 plate, by Konad.

Tomorrow I'll be sporting some nubs again, I broke the corner of one of my nails... -.-' Oh well, nothing I can do about it, and I think they still look cute while short. ^^


  1. So cute! Big fan of that accent nail!

  2. for these challenges do you repaint your nails everyday ?!?!?!

    1. I do! xD Mostly...Last friday I had lots of free time, so I did the yellow, green and the blue, so I could breathe for a few days, but yeah..mostly every day!

  3. Love love love the accent nail. So pretty!


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