05 June 2012

Leticia Well Profesional #140

I have my nails painted yellow for the first time EVER, and not just any yellow, it's a neon yellow! xD

I always thought that yellow was so not my colour, I'm very pale and I was afraid that it would make me look sick or washed out, but I was wrong! Must be because my hand's skin tone is more on the red side, but anyway, I'm loving my yellow nails. I need more of this in my collection, I only have 2 yellow nail polishes.

But onto the polish itself. Even though I love the colour, I have to say this was a streaky mess!! If it wasn't for that, I could have managed with just 2 coats, but it took 3 to even it out and make it look presentable. This nail polish dries matte, but I wouldn't leave it like that, as I could still see some streaks even with 3 coats, so to me, top coat is a must with this one.

On my ring finger I added a rhinestone, just to give this manicure an extra something.

Oh, my camera had a bit of trouble capturing it's true brightness so it looks more like a "normal" yellow in the photos, but trust me, it really is neon!

Never thought I'd say this, but I'm loving the neons this summer, I need MOOOOAAAARRR! xD

(This was sent to me for review)


  1. wow that's bright! it's awesome - very summery :)

  2. i had that baby in my hands last week. i m not a yellow fan. But i love that trend. And have of the pro but shimmer.

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  3. qual foi o top coat que usaste? obrigada


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