14 June 2012

Oh, Cherry Blossoms! ♪

I was going to do some galaxy nails on friday, I even painted my nails a dark base coat, but then I got lost playing Guild Wars 2 Beta Event the entire weekend and by monday, my nails were chipped (probably from playing too much xD). Had no choice but to take it all out and do something else...So I went with cherry blossoms.

This is what I used:

- Risqué Pink Fluor
- Yolizul in white
- Leticia Well #146
- China Glaze For Audrey
- Striping brush
- Dotting tool
And here is the final result:

I think it looks a bit sloppy on my ring finger, it was the first time I did something like this, but I really think it turned out ok on my thumb. Anyone else agrees with me? :P


  1. Nice! I think both accent nails look great.

  2. @Violet
    Thanks Violet! I just wish the branches on my ring finger looked as good as the ones on my thumb. Maybe next time... xD

  3. Very very pretty :) lovely accent nails.

  4. adorei :)
    ai esse china glaze *.*

  5. Ficou lindo! Nice job :)


  6. Wow, this looks amazing! I would never be able to paint that!

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  7. this is gorgeous! love the 'for audrey' polish:)

  8. pretty pretty!!!!!!!
    perfect for spring!

  9. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all your comments. ^^


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