28 May 2012

Holographic gradient

HAH! 2 posts on the same day, bet you weren't expecting that! xD I just couldn't wait to show this gradient I did yesterday.

I broke a nail, on my left pointing finger, really short and I'm not used to having nails this short, so I had no idea of what to do with them...I painted them a light pink at first, but hated the washed out look and took it all off, then I think I spent quite an awful time trying to choose some colours that would look good together, I knew I wanted to do another gradient, but this time I wanted to do it with 2 completely different colours.

I started with 2 coats of Andreia #45 and sponged it with Up Colors Verde 360º, following this tutorial for a smooth transition both of them. Since Andreia #45 isn't holographic, I layered a coat of Hefesto over my gradient.

I really love how this turned out, so sweet and cute and probably one of my favourite manicures I have ever done. What do you all think? Better than my last one, no? xD


  1. que belos toquinhos lol
    xD gostei mt

  2. Os teus toquinhos não parecem pequenitos com esse esponjado!

  3. @Maggie'sNails
    Ficaram uns toquinhos fofinhos. xD

  4. @Bárbara
    Eu acho q as fotos enganam mt. xD Mas gostei do resultado, sem dúvida.

  5. woah this looks gorgeous!

  6. So nice combooo ! I love gradient nails.. :)..
    You have a very nice blog dear..I following you now,i wish follow me back :)
    Kisses From Turkeeey !! <3 Bye..

  7. This is gorgeous. It looks like an early morning sunrise right before a storm.

  8. Oh my...I forgot to link to the tutorial and no one warned me! xD

  9. @RosaFula
    Obrigada, Rosa! Deste gostei mesmo, nem o quero tirar. xD

  10. Gradient nails are so pretty and yours also look fabulous! I'm definitely joining your site:D

  11. Adore this!!! That Nailasurus tutorial is taking the gradient world by storm. I will have to try her technique soon.

    I Love this result. Cute how the colors are different.

  12. So pretty! I think this looks great.
    Just found your blog and have been going through your older posts and I have to say: you have beautiful nails! Glad I found your blog - I'm following. :)


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