10 May 2012

Rainbows! Rainbows everywhere!

Eeek! What have I done? xD

A while ago I ordered some cheap nail art brushes from Deal Extreme and after 3 weeks of waiting, they finally arrived on friday, but I had no idea of what to do with them at the time. Then, this past sunday, I was bored and saw that one of the FB groups I'm in is having a weekly "contest" and this week's theme was rainbows! I wanted to take part in it and it was also a great excuse to try out my new brushes and also get me out of my confort zone.

After going through my nail polish stash, trying to pick some colours, I realized that, in 109 nail polishes, I didn't have any oranges or a light blue that I could use for the sky! That left me no choice but to mix my own and that was a completely new experiencie for me. It went kind of ok, but the formula of my base colour sucked balls! xD Seriously, it was the hardest thing ever to apply.

Here are all the colours I used:

 For the base colour I mixed:
  • Revlon Colorstay #170 Coastal Surf
  • Yolizul 164 (used it for the clouds too)

 Yay! I did a rainbow with all 7 colours! xD
Here's what I used (following the colours of the rainbow from red to violet):
  • Andreia #40
  • The orange was a mix between the previous one with the yellow
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear #27 Mellow Yellow
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails #620 Limestone
  • Essence Colour & Go # 55 Let's Get Lost
  • Kiko #334 
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure #409 Good to Grape
 And here is how my rainbows looked like:

It looked cute, turned out better than I expected, but soooooo not my style! Obviously, I took it all out the next day...


  1. So pretty! I love the clouds and rainbows!!!

  2. Ahhhhh can i have you manicure? I looooove this! It's awesome! Perfeito, lindo, espectacular! loool Porquê tanto adjectivo? Ora, porque traduziste numa manicure algo que ando a guardar para os dias de sol e está tudo limpo e perfeito :) Beijinhosss**

  3. Very nice work. I love how neat and crisp your shapes are!

  4. This turned out perfectly!!! Looks fantastic :)

  5. This is really great! I love rainbows!

  6. Beautiful, I love it! It turned out fantastic!

  7. Thanks girls! I reaaly appreciate the positive feedback, maybe I'll try to do more stuff like this in the future.

  8. Tããããão giro, Raquel!! Que bem feitinho e querido! :D Pessoalmente n sou nada de nail art, mas adorei ver esta, a sério :D

    Olha, já agora, o que achas dos Yolizul? Eu há muitos anos tive 2 que não gostei nada, e nunca mais usei, mas há uns dias vi uns nos chineses com cores lindas e ficaram-me na cabeça... Que achas da marca? Principalmente em termos de durabilidade. Obrigada!


  9. @Maggie
    Obrigada! Eu tb n sou grande fã de nail art assim, por isso n durou mt nas minhas unhas, mas achei por bem experimentar! xD

    Quanto aos Yolizul, n te sei responder...Só tenho 2, este e um glitter azul q nunca usei e este branco só comprei para fazer estas pequenas coisas assim. Nunca pintei as unhas com um, por isso n faço ideia se são bons ou não, sorry... xD

  10. Oki, n faz mal! :) Obg na mesma!

  11. Ficou lindo lindo!
    Também não sei se usaria, mas ficou um mimo! Como sempre!

  12. omg this idea is awesome :)
    I love your nails!


  13. I would love to try this now

  14. I love these, they're adorable!! ^.^


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