03 May 2012

Orly Terracotta and Stamping Fail #2

Ok, not really a fail, but still not perfect! xD

The nail polish I'll be showing you today is Terracotta by Orly and it's one of those colours that I can't really define...Is it a neon? Is it pink? Or is it orange? Maybe this is what they call a coral? I don't know...Let's just say it is what it is and it's awesome!

I'm usually not someone who wears bright colours like this, the skintone on my hands can be quite red sometimes so I tend to choose darker colours, but I really wanted to try something brighter this time and I think I really like it! I should invest more in this type of colour...

This is 2 coats of it, at first I thought it would need a third one because it still looked a bit streaky right after applying it, but it evened out nicely while drying and turned out perfect!

Here are some photos, in natural light:

On my accent I stamped with Kiss Nail Art Polish in white using plate m64 from Konad. My stamping is still far from perfect and I find it quite hard to be able to get the stamp to cover my entire nail properly, since they're very curved. Because of that I end up getting some bald places on the sides of my nails, but practice makes perfect and I'll get there!


  1. Bem lindo!!


  2. É mto bonito. Eu adoro a Orly :)


  3. Opá onde compro Orly aqui sabes?
    Adoro os tons corais, tenho a mão pálida, adoro o contraste morta/viva ih ih :)
    Perfeito, como sempre!

  4. @Maggie

    Eu também adoro a marca! Tem cores fantásticas e nunca desilude.

    Maggie, n sei se viste a minha resposta à tua pergunta do outro dia. Andei por fora e acabei por responderte bem tarde.

  5. @Dreia

    N compras...A n ser online... :S

    Sei q há uma lojinha em Lisboa, mas julgo ser a única do pais q vende esta marca, infelizmente...

    E obrigada, querida!

  6. Lovely color! Looks stunning on your nails.

  7. i have the exact same problem when it comes to konad full nail prints tbh i should really practise more but yours looks great :)


  8. I think a lot of people have that problem... it's definitely a big problem for me! I usually go in with a thin brush and kinda fib the pattern haha

  9. Vi sim! :) Como era algo que eu queria mesmo saber, voltei ao post várias vezes :)


  10. Beautiful!!
    Have a nice day!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


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