13 May 2012

Hits Overload!

Today I have another holographic nail polish to show you. The weather here has been quite nice lately and, since I love holographic polishes, this means you'll be seeing a lot of it from now on! But who doesn't love a good holographic nail polish? And I still have so many to try...

Hera is a beautiful teal nail polish from the Hits no Olimpo collection. It has a really nice formula, it's really easy to apply and it only took 2 coats to look this perfect.

On my accent nail I have Docinho and stamped over it with Powerful (both from the Powerpuff Girls collection, also by Hits), using the plate m57 by Konad. On top of this all I applied Hefesto, the holographic top coat by Hits. My stamping didn't turn out so bad this time, I think I'm improving!

Here are some photos, you won't get to see much holography on the first ones, the sun was playing tricks on me and went away before I could take these, but I included one under artificial light and under the sun, from the next day.

Left to right: Hera, Hefesto, Powerful, Docinho

Under artificial light

Under direct sunlight

I was really pleased with how this turned out! So pleased I've been wearing it since monday and it still looks so perfect! No chips, tip wear or whatsoever. Big thumbs up for Hits, not only they make beautiful polishes but they also have quality. I'm now a big fan of them! 


  1. Gostei!!


  2. Hello!!
    Adorei o post e os lindinhos! O carimbo está amazeballs! ;)
    Adoro quando o verniz além de lindão é de qualidade! Até dá (mais) vontade de ir comprar milhões mais!
    B .

  3. lindo mesmo! eu tenho um hits e têm óptima qualidade :)


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