28 May 2012

Leticia Well #???

And here's another Leticia Well that was sent to me for review, unfortunetaly, I can't really identify it since my bottle had no number on it. After browsing a bit on their website I think it is either #448 or #449,  I really can't be sure...

As you all may have noticed my favourite nail polish colour is blue (teal, aqua, or any other variation of it) and I wear it a lot, but as surprising as it may seem, I didn't own a "pure" blue until now, and I must say...I'm loving it!

This had a really nice formula, perfect coverage in 2 coats, easy application, easy to clean and it dried really fast! I usually apply Seche Vite right after finishing the last coat of nail polish and when I went to apply it on my left hand, the polish was already dry to the touch. I was pretty happy with this one, in all aspects.

Ok, here is the bad part...and it's something that I didn't mention in my previous post about this brand (and all other spanish brands, like Yes Love). Here, in Portugal, they are only sold in some chinese stores throughout the country and that makes it really difficult to get a hold of collections and even the brand sometimes, because one week they're sold at some store and the other week they're just nowhere to be found! Sure, there's an upside to all this, they only cost 1€ for a full bottle and have a pretty good formula, but I'd rather pay a bit more and find them in drugstores or even at the supermarket, that would make it so much easier for us to find what we want and need.

(This was sent to me for review)


  1. I can but to agree with you. I have the exact some problem with those brands. I would love to see them in drugstores.
    Anyway, loved the blue, super pretty!

  2. @Bárbara
    It's just frustrating to know that they have some awesome colours but I can never seem to find them! I know Yes Love has some awesome glitters and even cheap magnetic polishes (and really good from what I've heard too), but where? Guess the chinese stores around me suck. xD

  3. Concordo completamente com essa questão de só existirem instavelmente nos chineses! E mais: por vezes o facto de estas marcas estarem associadas aos armazéns chineses faz com que olhemos de lado para algumas delas, mto provavelmente... :/


  4. @Maggie
    Oh, se faz! Eu era destas, por exemplo. xD
    Ainda fico de pé atrás com algumas marcas, mas tanto a Yes Love como a Leticia Well já me conquistaram.

  5. Love that blue nail polish!
    And i like very much that brand.
    It s a brand that i find i my area.
    Now i am gona buy it.
    I love your blog and i follow you for some time.
    I would love even more if ypou follow me to.


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