19 May 2012

How to ruin a perfectly good gradient

With all the beautiful gradient manicures showing up everywhere lately, I wanted to try it again, using at least 3 different colors, this time. I went with purples.

 From left to right:
  • Essence Twins Julia
  • Claire's (no name...I hate how Claire's nail polishes have no name or number here)
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure #409 Good to Grape
  • Kiko #334

This was my second attempt at a gradient manicure and I was quite pleased with it, I didn't have any rough visible lines between each colour and I thought it looked pretty cool! That is, until I put glitter on top of it, then I hated it...Another manicure that didn't last long...


  1. Well its not dreadful okey?! Its just a bit less stunning than it would be without the glitter! LOL

    Love it tho! I guess thats what Da Vinci would feel if he had glittered Mona! LOLOLOLOL
    *you had it coming* :P

  2. Mesmo que aches que tenhas arruinado, eu acho que estão brutalíssimas!!!
    com ou sem glitter dá para perceber que o gradiente está tão perfeito!!!! amei!!!!

  3. ...eu atrevo me a dizer que até gostei bastante do resultado :)

    beijocas e bom fim de semana :)

  4. I think it looks lovely with the glitter, too! <3

  5. i like this with the glitter, i've just pinned it on my pinterest board!

  6. Opá... eu gostei ...

    Jokas *


  7. @Alexandra
    Obrigada Alexandra! Mas para a próxima fico-me só pelo gradiente mesmo. :P

  8. @sandy
    Thx! Bom fim de semana para ti tb!

  9. @Sofia/FunkyFingertips
    Oh yay! Finally I was able to acess your blog. The link you emailed me wasn't working. And talking about that, I need to start choosing some polishes for our swap and email it to you. I've been lazy lately... -.-'

  10. @Nessa
    Opah...começo a achar q eu é q sou a esquisitinha mesmo! xD

    Obrigada Vanessa, bom fim de semana!

  11. Eu acho que o glitter nao ficou mal, mas se fosse mais pequenino tinha ficado melhor..


  12. I actually like the glitters on top of this! They're really different!

  13. @Lala
    Pois é o q tb acho...Um glitter mais pequeno teria ficado mt melhor.

  14. @ScarsLikeLace
    Thank you! I feel like a smaller glitter would have been better though.

  15. I think it looks great, but maybe a finer glitter would made you like it better, like China Glaze Fairy Dust. Either way, you did a great job with the gradient.


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