20 April 2012

Hits Cutie Pie

When Hits released the Marimoon collection I went crazy! I knew I had to get my hands on some colours of that collection, but they aren't sold here and shipping from Hits online store was way too expensive...So I complained about it to my brazilian friend, in the hopes that she would say "Don't worry, I can send some to you!", but instead she said "Don't worry, make a list of all you want and I'll go visit you in april and bring you all you want from here!". I was so happy when she told me that! My best friend was coming to visit me and bringing me nail polish, what more could I ask for? So I made a list with some nail polishes I wanted from the Hits website, 12 in total. She got here on monday and this is what I got:

16 brand new nail polishes! She bought me some Up Colors too! She's an amazing friend! *-*

Ok, moving on to the subject of this post.
The first one I tried was Cutie Pie, from the Marimoon collection. I love multichromes and I couldn't wait to put it on my nails.

The nail polish applied like butter, I only used 1 coat over black, the brush on these is amazing, it's one of those flat brushes that make things so much easier, and it dried really fast! It was almost completely dry when I applied Seche Vite.

Here's some photos of it, this time all under natural light as I couldn't capture all the colours in my usual light settings.

I think I'll be taking all my photos under natural light from now on, they came out so smooth and beautiful.


  1. Whoa!!! You have an amazing friend!!!
    I wish I knew someone in Brazil!


    Anyhoo... I Love this on your nails. Can't wait to see swatches you do of the rest. :-)

  2. Que giro, pah! :O

    Olha, diz-me uma coisa, em que site costumas comprar os teus OPIs e China Glazes? Obrigada! :)


  3. Ola!!

    que vernizes lindossssssssssssssss *.*
    Não tenho nenhum bichinho desses com mta pena minha, mas enfim talvez um dia :D


  4. @Lizzy O.
    Thank you, Lizzy! That means a lot to me coming from one of my "nail polish idols"! xD

    It will take me a while to swatch all of those, but I definitely will.

  5. @Maggie

    Thx Maggie!

    Desculpa a demora na resposta, mas andei por fora de casa estes ultimos dias e só agora consegui dedicar um tempinho ao blog.

    OPI nunca comprei, o que tenho foi oferta, mas encomendo os China Glaze daqui:
    Não convém é fazer encomendas pequenas, pois não compensa o preço em portes, pagas $20 até 8 vernizes. A última encomenda que fiz ficou por cerca de 36€ no total, os 8 vernizes + portes.

  6. @Lala

    Olá Lala!

    São muito lindos sim, agora preciso é de tempo para experimentá-los a todos!


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