15 April 2012

O.P.I Fly and Stamping Failure #1

Obviously, the first polish I wanted to try, after the reddit swap, was O.P.I Fly. 
The only other O.P.I I own belonged to my mom and it is really old! It's Happy Anniversary and I barely use it. I had to see if the brand was as good as everyone says it is and if they are worth the price (here, they cost 16.90€, that's around $22 for a bottle). 

Well...the polish was awesome! Good pigmentation, awesome formula, the brush is amazing and makes application so easy. Damn you, O.P.I! Why did you have to be so expensive and so awesome? So out of my budget... -.-'

I wanted to try my new stamping plates as well, but boy, did I fail! xD I applied top coat before stamping, because I wanted my nail polish to dry faster and that was a complete mistake! The stamp wouldn't stick to my nail like that, and when it did, it was barely visible, so I grabbed a toothpick and decided to freehand it using the lines I was able to stamp as a guide.

This was what came out of this adventure, it's pretty crappy though. xD

 Natural light in this picture

 This is Sally Hansen #620 Limestone

Did I do too bad on the leopard print? xD


  1. I think it looks great! :)
    Happy Anniversary is my all time favorite OPI polish (although I still wouldn't spend $22 on a bottle!!)!

  2. @Stacy Plowman-Pennock
    Thank you! I'm a perfectionist, so it will take some time for me to be happy with my stamping skills. :P

    Happy Anniversary is really beautiful, and a while ago I was using it on top of every polish I used, but now the bottle is halfway gone and I don't want to waste it (especially if they're $22 a bottle xD).

  3. Love the colors you used. Especially the accent finger nail!

  4. O que 17eur...fuuuu ://
    Olha ficou espetacular mesmo, não saindo como querias :)

  5. I love the colour combination you used and you have done a great job with the leopard print x

  6. It's not crappy at all :) I love it! And the colour combination is perfect.

  7. @Paulina

    Love those colours too, actually, my bedroom is all decorated in the same exact colours! :P

  8. @Dreia

    Fuuuuu mesmo! É das tais marcas q simplesmente nunca vou comprar...a n ser q fique mt rica! xD

  9. @Sandra

    Thank you, Sandra. These are definitely my favourite colour combo.

  10. @Kas

    Thank you! I guess I'm just too picky. xD

  11. Don't be so hard on yourself. I think it looks good!

  12. Wow! It looks so cool!!! I wish I could do something like that because I'm such a mess, specially when it comes to painting my nails :/


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