28 April 2012

Up Colors Verde 360º with handplaced glitter

Hey everyone!

First of all, I'm so sorry for being away for so long, but with my brazilian friend here we spent all our time travelling around the country and I didn't have a chance to post or even do my nails properly. Hope you girls can forgive me for disappearing on you.

Today I bring you my favourite holographic nail polish so far, I'm in love with this colour and the holo is amazing! Even now, that it's dark here and I'm under a weak lamp, I can still see the holographic effect on it.
This one is really pigmented, it was perfect with 1 coat but I still applied 2, the brush on it was a bit weird though, I felt like it was too long, but I still did ok with it.

For the accent nail, I used some glitter that I bought while visiting Lisbon, it's from Essence and it's a loose glitter for nail art and I handplaced it one by one. This wasn't my idea, I took inspiration on Laura from Polish All the Nails and she has an awesome tutorial on how to achieve this look, I don't know how she does a full manicure with this though, it took me almost 1h to do only one nail and I gave up after that, didn't even do it on my right hand! xD But I do love how it looks, gotta love all the glitter! *-*

My pictures don't really show how much holography this nail polish has, the weather was quite crappy and cloudy when I took these...

And that's it for today!

PS - The giveaway has ended and I already know who's the winner, so expect  a post about that sometime tomorrow. Good night!


  1. @Lacey

    Thank you, Lacey! I can't stop looking at it now. xD

  2. Beautiful holographic! Wow I can't believe your patience, I would probably give up after 20mins lol!

  3. @PassionForPolish
    It really is, my favourite so far!

    Well, I did give up after one nail only, couldn't bring myself to do it on my other hand.

  4. So pretty and creative! I love it.

  5. @Lizzy O.

    Thank you Lizzie! Too bad I had to file down all my nails now, I never had them this long before, makes me sad...

  6. AAAH I love holos and handplaced glitter, I don't know if I can handle all this awesomeness at one time!


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