03 March 2012

Mini Haul Time!

I'm running behind on my posts! Already have 2 new manis to post but my boyfriend spent this past week here with me and I didn't feel like posting while he was here...

This post is just to show you girls the latest additions to my collection. All of these were bought throughout the course of last week, during my daily walks with the boyfriend. I was constantly asking to stop at shops that sell nail polish, he was getting kind of bored with it. xD

Here are my new babies:

  • Kiss stripers - These were a bit too expensive for me, almost 17€ if I remember correctly, but they came with some really cute stencils and since I suck at nail art, I just had to have them!
  • Gosh Matt Effect Top Coat & Gosh Forest Floor - I've heard so much about Gosh that I had to buy some and see for myself if they're any good. These were 6.99€ each...Again, expensive...-.-'
  • Catrice Dirty Berry - Such a pretty purple/lavender, slightly holographic. I think this one was 2,49€...or was it 2,99€? Not sure at all now, but it doesn't really matter, couldn't leave it behind!
  • Miyo Grape - Why is it called grape?? It has nothing to do with grapes! I don't get it...But hey, it was cheap! 1,49€, that's more like it!    
And that's it for now. I think I need to stop buying nail polishes...


  1. Os Gosh aqui para os meus lados são mais caros ainda, 8 euros se não estou em erro. Não dou 8 euros por um verniz, mas a marca tem cores mesmo lindas.


  2. @Maggie
    Infelizmente eu lá vou cometendo as minhas loucuras...Mas n dou mais de 10€ por um verniz, a n ser q seja uma coisa mt fora do normal!


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