01 March 2012

My new favourite nail polish!

Finally I can say I have a favourite nail polish! And guess what? It's by Nubar. I seriously love their nail polishes, they always have awesome colours with an amazing formula. And they laaaaaast! D: So much that I even have to take out the polish before it chips.

So this one is Elegant Indigo, Nubar describes it as a blackened blue, but I feel like the base colour is black with some tiny blue-purple duochrome shimmer, although from far away it looks like a dark metalic blue.
This is 2 coats, as always for any Nubar I own, and pictures were taken with artificial light, no flash.

Wore this to a Dream Theater concert this sunday, thought it was appropriate and it would go well with the whole DT theme. 
I have to say the concert was magnific, best one I've ever seen, so I'll leave a bit of their epicness here:


  1. Muito bonito!


  2. This is a great desert island shade, I love the blurple shimmer!


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