03 March 2012

It's Revvvolution, Baby!!

Oh hey again! xD 
On monday, after I came back from Lisbon, I had some nail mail waiting for me! Nothing big, just Color Club Revvvolution and Orly Rock It. They're both really pretty, but I don't see myself  wearing Rock It anytime soon. To me, it's not season appropriate. xD Maybe closer to the summer I'll be able to wear it.

So here is Revvvolution with some simple nail art I did using my new stripers and one of the stencils that came with it. Unfortunately, the stencil wasn't big enough to cover my entire nail  and I had to freehand to prolong the design. It's not perfect, but not bad for a first time either!

Even though I loved the colour, I was a bit disappointed with this one...Was expecting the holographic effect to stand out a lot more, it's nothing like the swatches I saw before ordering it. Did they change the formula?
Anyway, this is 2 coats but it had a good coverage with just 1, I did 2 out of habit, and all the pictures were taken under artificial light with no flash.

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