06 March 2012

Dirty Berry

Getting lazy here! xD Seems like I only post my manicures the day after I take it off. Which isn't a totally bad thing, since this way I can talk a bit about the duration of the nail polish, but moving on to more important subjects...

After my last haul I decided to try Catrice's Dirty Berry. Like I've said before it's a muted purple/lavender/lilac (never know how to define these type of colours) with some slight holographic effect. It truly is a beautiful colour and I was surprised by how much I loved it on my nails, since I'm usually a fan of darker colours.

It was my first experience with Catrice's nail polishes and I really liked it. They're somewhat cheap, have great colours, the formula on this one was very good, a bit streaky on the first coat but perfect on the second one. I never talk about drying time because I cheat! xD I can't stand still for too long and if I don't apply my Mavadry top coat, I'll surely end up with some smudged nails. Durability whise, I have to say that, for me, it was pretty good, I painted my nails on friday night and removed it yesterday night. The nail polish had no chips, just some major tip wear that I couldn't stand! But that's what you get when you have to do dishes and house chores every day.

Ok, pictures time! This is 2 coats of Dirty Berry in artificial light, no flash:

The dotting was made with Nubar's Purple Rain Glitter, it was my first time using a dotting tool and even if it isn't perfect, I was still very pleased with it. Here it is in detail (once again, excuse the ugly dry skin -.-'):

Next post I have some gradient manicure to show. In pink! D:


  1. Eu só tenho um catrice, e durou-me uns 2, 3 dias. Não sei, estava à espera que me durasse mais. São o dobro do preço dos Essence e duram o mesmo :/


  2. Ups, eu queria dizer 3, 4 dias!


  3. @Maggie
    Ele duraria mais uns 2 dias talvez, se n o tivesse tirado, mas n suporto ver qd começo a ficar c as pontinhas gastas. Verdade seja dita que estar mais que 4 dias c o mesmo verniz, para mim já é um martirio! xD

    Gosto dos Essence tb, mas têm metade do volume de um Catrice e, na minha opinião, bem mais limitados em termos de cores e acabamento, são quase todos cremosos...

  4. @Dreia
    N tem! Mas já ficou contabilizado mentalmente. :P

  5. Love the color and cute polka dots! Great blog,now following! xoxo


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