21 September 2014

[ABC Nails] G & H is for Gosh and Hard Candy

Hey everyone! 

I know, I know...I come and go, but this time it wasn't really my choice, my internet was being a b*tch to me and my landlord is very slow taking care of things like this. But hey, I finally made it! Now I'll just be playing catch up again...story of my life! xD 

Ok, so if you guys recall, I was doing the ABC Nail Challenge with Rosana and Maggie before I stopped posting. They continued to do so, and now I will be trying to catch up to them, which will be difficult, since they're already on L and I stopped at F! Let's do this and start with G and H on the same post. 

For the letter G, I chose Gosh. It's not a brand I really love, I mostly never buy from them, but I really like the colours that I do have, especially this one, Miss Minty. 

In this manicure I'm wearing 2 coats of Gosh Miss Minty, 2 coats of Marylins 109 on my middle finger and 2 coats of Innisfree 101on my ring finger. On my index I tried, for the first time, a stamping decal. For that I used the Marylins, Kiko 705 to fill in the feathers and a Gals GA38 plate.  

For the letter H, I went with Hard Candy, Lava. I got this tiny bottle as a gift, from a blogsale purchase, for over 2 years now, and if it wasn't for this challenge, I guess I would never use it. Which is sad, cause it is really gorgeous! Downside is that it stains like no tomorrow! Cuticules and nails...I only had this for 1 day, and it turned my nails completely pink! For me, that is unacceptable...

I had no idea of what to do with it, and I think I must have spent an hour or so, sitting on the floor, trying to find a good match for it. I finally chose Misa Catch a Flick. On my thumb and index, I stamped using a BM-323 plate and Konad white.

 And that's it for today's post, hope you enjoyed it.

Have a great week!

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  1. Olá <3
    Fico contente que estejas a dar continuidade a esta rubrica.
    Estas tuas duas combinações estão fabulosas, apaixonei-me pela que fizeste com o Hard Candy, acho que te vou copiar, se não te importares claro ;)
    Um beijinho,


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