03 August 2012

31 Days Nail Challenge #2 - Orange

Peach is orange too, right? RIGHT?? You better agree with me because I had no other orange to show you, you wouldn't want to see the same one for the 3rd time now, would you? xD

This is Kiko 358, it has a nice soft shade of peach, but in some lights it can be really bright and more on the orange side (which is what you will see here). As always, Kiko has an excellent formula and this was perfect in 2 coats, then I stamped with Kiss Nail Art in White, using my DRK-B (I'm addicted to it now!).

Apparently, I stamp differently than everyone else, but I can't help it, I like my designs to face me, not other people!
I wasn't really happy with these, but when the cashier at a store told me she loved them and even asked me if these were my real nails, I started loving them too. xD

And now you'll have to excuse me, I still need to paint my nails yellow for tomorrow. At 1:15am...yep, I'm awesome. :P


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