04 August 2012

31 Day Challenge #3 - Yellow

Oh boy....I'm so late with this one!
I painted my nails 3 times yesterday, just so I could breathe for a few days and not have to do it every day, but then I went out mid afternoon and only came back at 4am. How was I supposed to put a post up at that time? xD

I hate painting my nails yellow, just because yellow is such a hard colour. It's always streaky and hard to apply...Even if I like the final result, it's always a colour that I tend to stay away from. This one wasn't any easier...

I used 3 coats of Basic #461 and the the leaves and flowers are temporary tattoos I had here at the house, from when I was little.

Need to start playing more with temporary tattoos!


  1. Adorei! Já tinha visto no grupo e pensei que fosse carimbo.
    Parabéns estas a sair te bem no desafio!
    Também gostei muito das verdes.
    Convido te a participares no sorteio do meu blog:
    Termina dia 15 de Agosto.


    1. Obrigada! Mas tem sido dificil em termos de tempo, mas vou fazendo o q posso. ^^

  2. Hummm nice yellow! Shame on you for being this late! LOOL***

  3. Thank you! I've seen this before somewhere, I had to give it a try and it works really well.

  4. I feel ya on yellow polish lol it's a difficult color but this mani is beautiful! The temporary tattoos look a bit faded which gives the mani such a beautiful feel.


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