17 August 2012

31 Days Challenge #11 - #16

I'm still alive!

Sorry for not posting since last friday, but it has been a crazy week since then! On saturday we had a party at night and I had to do my mom's make-up and nails, my make-up and nails and another friend's nails, no time left for posting...then on sunday I had to help that same friend, as she was in the process of moving. So, my nails have been bare since last sunday. I don't even remember the last time they were naked for so long! xD

As you can imagine, I had a lot to catch up to, and today was literally nails day!

This will be a looooong post, so get ready and don't say I didn't warn you.

#11 Polka Dots

For this I used China Glaze L8R G8R (that I got from Anna's blogsale) and Nubar Reclaim.

#12 Stripes

This was done with Gosh Forest Green, Gosh Early Green and some striping tape.

#13 Animal Print

Uh oh...leopard print again! But this time it was all hand made, no stamping involved. For this, I used Orly Nite Owl, Leticia Well #146 and Kiss Nail Art in black.

#14 Flowers

Flowers aren't really my thing, but I guess I did ok on these. I used Kiko 339 for the base colour, Gosh Bubble Gum and Risqué Pink Fluor for the flowers, and Gosh Forest Floor and Gosh Early Green for the leaves.

#15 Delicate Print

Boy, this one was tough...I didn't really know what to do and this was my 3rd try at this, as I wasn't happy with the other 2. Here I used Essence Modern Romance stamped with Essence Stampy Polish in silver and my DRK-B.

#16 Tribal Print

My favourite ones from today! I had never done any tribal nails, but these were so simple and fun to do and I love the final result.
I used a nude, once again (must be on a nude kind of day), this time it was Essence Hazelnut Cream Pie. The blue stripe is China Glaze For Audrey and the white was all done with Kiss Nail Art in white, obviously. :P


Ufff, finally over! It's really a bad idea to fall behind on these challenges, I know I wont be doing it again.  :P


  1. Pois eu acho que tens talento, adorei todas, mas a tribal pelos tons pastel, e a das flores estão lindas lindas! Parabéns!

  2. Love ALL of the designs! You're so good at this. Thumbs up! I loved the delicate design the most though. Yum!

  3. Coisas mai lindas!!!


  4. Adorei muito muito as bolinhas, o delicado e o animal... quem me dera que houvesse mais para ver!

  5. your nailart is just amazing girl! love the flowers ;) great blog, i am a new member now ;) it would mean a lot to me if you would stop at my blog and write some comment and maybe follow if you like it...
    have a great day dear, xx

  6. I am in LOVE with #12. If someday soonish you see me sporting stripes like that...It's because of you! Until then I have a few other ideas I have to get out there first before I forget them!

    Love it!


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