10 August 2012

31 Days Challege #10 - Gradient

Hah, another easy one! I've told myself lots of times, that for my next gradient I would have to try and replicate the most beautiful gradient I've ever seen! This one...

I tried...it doesn't look exactly the same, I used different polishes, but it does look alike (to my eyes at least xD)!

I started this with 2 coats of O.P.I Fly, placed some striping tape on all of my nails, and then did the gradient using Fly and Essence Grumpy, from the Snow White LE. After that, I applied 1 coat of Hits Valsa and this is the final result:

None of my photos show how awesome this looks in real life and I'm really sad that I need to take this off tonight...but what can I do? The challenge must go on!

Tomorrow we have polka dots and I still have no idea of what to do... :S


  1. Wow, that looks really cool. I should try that out myself! :)

  2. awesome :)
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  3. What a great idea to combine stripes and sponge techniques!! Love love love it!!! <3

  4. Ficou lindissimo o efeito, amei!!



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