03 July 2012

Rainbow Challenge Day 5&6 - Purple and Pink

Sorry girls! I'm very late posting this, but I have an exam on friday (thermodynamics, yuck D:) and I've been quite busy.

I'm not going to write much this time, but I'll leave you a shit load of photos of my favourites.

Let's start with the purple. This is Nubar Purple Rain Glitter in 2 coats.

The purple isn't as dark as my photos show, but I couldn't really get it's actual colour. :S

For the pink I chose Yesensy #36. I don't really like pink nail polish, even though I have a few, but I kind of like this one, because it's matte. I used 2 coats of it, no topcoat.

Once again, here's the list of all the girls who took part of this challenge:
9ml universe (you are here)


  1. Gorgeous, both! I love how squishy the purple looks, and the matte pink is super pretty. I bet it'd be stunning with a glossy topcoat.

    1. I actually never tried putting a top coat on it. xD

  2. Yuck, thermodynamics! It took me two years to do it.... lol :p. Anyway, back to polish! I love the Nubar purple rain... it's a sad things he's not that dark lool Kisses**

    1. Hate it so much. xD
      And the purple looks so much better in person!

  3. It's one of my favourite nail polishes!

  4. Both gorgeous but I rather the Nubar! :D
    Kiss Kiss


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