04 July 2012

Having Fun with Water Marble

And we're back to our usual schedule, which means you'll only get 2-3 posts a week. Blogging every day stresses me out, it's just too much to handle. xD

Today I want to show you my first time with a complete manicure made with water marble. I used to do it just on my accent nail, because it was just so annoying to do it right...I guess I was using the wrong brand of nail polish for it, this time I tried it with O.P.I Fly and China Glaze For Audrey and it was so much easier! Had no problem with the colours spreading in the water or drying too fast! It all went great and here is the result:

Loved it and I'll definitely be doing this again when I have some time.


  1. Que inveja! Está perfeito :)


  2. Perfeito! Ficou lindissimo!!

  3. LINDO *.*


  4. Hey I'm a spanish nail art lover too! I love your blog. It is so creative. I follow you now!!!!!!!

    It will be could if you could check out my blog and my nailart at www.andreateira.blogspot.com and we could share and follow each others ideas!

    hope to see you over www.andreateira.blogspot.com

  5. That looks amazing, I really wish my attempts looked something like that. They tend to look like a child has been sick :S

  6. Your marbling skills are beyond amazing! Glad you got a polish you were lemming. :-)


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