20 July 2012

Nail Care Challenge #2 - Cuticle Care

And it's already week 2 of our nail care challenge, time is going by so fast lately! I feel like I don't have time to do all that I want...but let's get on with this week's topic. 

I have to be honest, I'm lucky with my cuticles! I neglect them sooooo many times...it's sad, but I only remember they're there when they start to dry out. xD So, I'll just post a photo of what I have and how I am supposed to be wearing them. Here we go!

Jandaia Cuticle Oil - this one I TRY to apply it after doing my nails. We all now acetone isn't a really good friend to our cuticules and dries them out if you aren't careful, so I try to apply this oil every time...but that doesn't really happen, I forget about it most of the times. xD It does its job, like all oils it can take quite a bit to be completely absorbed.

Granado Cuticule Balm - all of the Granado products I'll be showing were a gift sent by the mother of my dear friend Leticia, she brought them with her when she came to visit from Brazil. This balm is amazing! You're supposed to put it in your cuticules 2 to 3 times a day and lazy me only does it once every other day,  but I guess that's enough for me. It really moisturizes my cuticles and it's completely absorbed in a few minutes. You don't have to sit around waiting for it to go away or anything like that and it won't leave any residues between your cuticule and nail like so many other balms.

Granado Cuticule Cream -  this one is supposed to soften your cuticules so the removal process is easier. I don't cut my cuticules, but I use this whenever I want to push them back a bit, and that happens once a week or so. 

Essence Studio Nails Fast Cuticule Remover - MIRACULOUS cuticule remover! Best one I've ever tried, it removes all excess skin in a few seconds! I tried this on my boyfriend today, he has horrible cuticules and he bites his nails, so I asked him to try and fix them a bit and he let me do it. His hands looked soooo much better after a good cuticule clean up and some nail filing. If this did wonders to his cuticules, it really is miraculous. Ah! I use this every 2 weeks.

Andreia Cutile Remover - Do not like this one, does nothing to me...

Apart from all these I have tried Mavala's Cuticule Remover and that one is ok, it does it's job well, I had no complains, but it's so expensive that I stopped buying it.

Guess this is all for now! Don't forget to check all the other girls' posts. ^^
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  1. Ohh poor man, suffering with cuticle problems!! LOL Well i also don't have almost any problems with my cuticles but i do want to try out the granado cream :)**

    1. LOL! He has awful cuticules, I would be really unhappy if I had his cuticules and nails. xD Oh, and today he said that he really wants me to fix his nails again. :P

  2. Esses produtos granado são necessários na minha gaveta!!

    1. É só pedires numa troca com uma menina brasileira, de certeza q elas te arranjam!


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