25 July 2012

My nail polish is Grumpy with all the flakies

Hello everyone! I'm back with another manicure to show you, this time I'll show you a nail polish from the coveted Snow White collection by Essence. I only wanted 3 from the entire collection and I was able to order mine online on the spanish site http://www.maquillalia.com/. Today, I'll show you Grumpy.

Grumpy is the most beautiful royal blue, seriously, it's just so pretty! On top of that, its formula is truly amazing. You can get a perfect coverage with just one coat (I still used two), it was really easy to clean up and it didn't stain my nails or skin when I removed it, which is something hard to find in this kind of blue.

I felt like doing some layering and so, I applied Hits Valsa on top of it.

My photos are kind of crappy this time, I like to take them at sunset or before 4pm, between 4pm and 7pm it is hard for me to take the photos and not have weird shadows, but these were taken at 5pm that day, as I had to go out and I was only coming back at night...oh well, this is the best I could do.

Did all of you get your favourite dwarves, or are you still searching for it? If you still don't have yours try the website I linked above, I know they ship worldwide!


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