01 April 2012

Expocosmética 2012

Yesterday I went to the Expocosmética 2012 and it was crazy in there! D: So many different brands of nail polish, hair stuff and everything related to beauty. It was awesome and I had a really nice time hunting for nail polishes while still trying to not blow my budget! xD I think I did ok, only spent 20€ and brought home with me all this:

  • a new nail file;
  • Peggy Sage nail stickers;
  • 3 Orly mini - Lucky Duck, Androgynie and Terracotta;
  • Coral Prosilk #156;
  • 2 Ludurana flakies - Trovão and Relâmpago;
  • Golden Rose Holografic #141
  • Essence #78 Blue Addicted (famous DL Across the Universe Dupe)
  • 3 tiny pots with micro beads so I can try a caviar mani sometime. 


  1. Orlyssss! :)


  2. @Suse

    Oh, por acaso n me lembrei q pudesses querer ir...e podia ter-te arranjado bilhete. My bad..Bjins

  3. @Maggie

    E pequeninos pq os grandes saiam mt caros! xD

  4. Eu prefiro os pequeninos :) Não só pelo preço, mas também porque como uso mtos vernizes diferentes acho um desperdício frascos gigantes.



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