30 March 2012

I think this reminds me of easter...

 Hi everyone! Welcome to the new followers too. :3

I'm tired!! D: Spent the last 30min replying to everyone's comments on the giveaway post. Never had so many comments, so thanks to everyone who took their time to write to me, some really made me smile.

I was feeling inspired by soft, springy colours, so I picked up a muted green, a lilac and a yellow and went for a taped mani with some diagonal stripes. I think I ended up with an easter themed manicure. xD What do you girls think?

The colours used were Kiko #349, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mellow Yellow and a nameless Claire's nail polish and to make this I just painted my accent nail with the lilac, cut some tape in thin bits, positioned them diagonally over my nail and painted the free spaces with the other colours. It really is that simple and easy!


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