15 March 2012

Vintage Roses

I really am in a spring mood, all I want on my nails are green-ish colours! So this time I bring you Grape by Miyo (I still dont get why it's called that, makes no sense to me) and some stripes and roses! It's my first time doing both of these things and I'm really proud of how they turned out.

Ok, I have to warn you about this nail polish. It is awful to apply!! It's streaky and the 2nd coat drags the 1st one and because of that I needed 3 coats for it to look presentable. Love the colour, but I don't know if I'll be wearing it again due to it's hard application.

Here's the final result in artificial light, no flash:

 Righ hand in detail
(can you guess which rose was my first one?)
Left hand in detail
Nail polishes used:
- Miyo Grape
 - Matrix Colors #68 Ravishing  (this nail polish is 15y old!)
- Andreia #45
- Kiss striper in white


  1. That's a really pretty colour BUT that stinks about the application.

  2. @Kas
    It really is, and it would be perfect for the summer! Maybe I'll give it a second chance then.

  3. Simplesmente A D O R E I ... estão LINDAS mesmo:D

  4. @Carla
    Obrigada! E é mt facil de se fazer! Estava à espera que saisse uma grande bosta e no final adorei. xD

  5. This is amazing! The flowers & stripes look like wallpaper! So cool!

  6. I like the stripes:)
    and the marbling in your last post:)

    Bootie Babe International Nail Polish Giveaway
    I would love it if you entered:)


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