11 March 2012

Green Spring Marble

Spring is coming! I can feel it already...my allergies have started. The awfull cough, the sneezing, the clogged nose...Funny how you can spend 27 years of your life allergy free and then one cold changes everything...This past year was awful in terms of allergies, the cough keeps coming back, the slight asthma too, and whenever I have to take the damn pills for it, I feel like I need to sleep all day...but I digress.

Spring, time for greens and lovely pastel colours! The weather has been warmer lately (I even felt too hot today and it was only 18C outside xD), and to go with it I determined it was time to try my two new greens and mixed both of them by marbling my accent nails. So without further ado, here it is:

Left accent nail in detail
 Right accent nail in detail (the top coat caused a bit of dragging here)

I used Gosh Forest Floor on most of my nails, it's a beautiful dark green, completely perfect with 1 coat, but I used 2 anyway, and for my accent nails I used Sally Hansen Polar Bare, Myio Grape and Gosh Forest Floor as well.

Blurry pic, sorry, but only noticed it after taking all the pictures and didn't feel like doing it again.

Loved the colours, loved how the marble came out, was just so happy with this entire look, but my awesome Mavadry top coat is too tick to be used and I had no choice but to go with the only other top coat I own, it's from Claire's, and it's pretty crappy...Took ages to dry, dragged a bit of the colours in the marble (even if they were already dry when I applied it), the next day I woke up with some bed sheet marks, nothing serious but it was still there, and then after 1 day and a half, I bumped my middle left finger in a frying pan and this is the result:

so now I have a crack on my nail polish, from one side to another! That never happened to me before, it didn't peel, it's still holding on, but that crack has got to go!! Think I'll just repaint that nail.. xD 
Top coats...this is how we find out how important a GOOD one really is important, they make all the difference.


  1. Beautiful marbling and beautiful green! Love it!

  2. @arfblat
    Thank you! I've never worn a green before and I'm absolutely loving this one.

  3. So pretty! Your accent nail looks like a shamrock.


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