31 May 2014

No nails, but have fun with this Swatch Naming Challenge!

Hi hi!

Just got home from my trip to my parents. It was super fun, but 2 weeks went by way too fast and it's always so hard for me to leave my family, friends and especially my boyfriend behind.I didn't feel like coming back this time...But lets talk about fun stuff!

I was here, lying in bed, hoping to fall asleep, while checking my feedly, when I came by this post from Marta @Chit Chat Nails and found it so much fun. It's a swatch naming game made by Nail Polish Canada, where you have to guess the name of the polish in the photo. I got 8 correct answers out of 16 and that was enough for a silver medal. Oh well, good enough for me! xD

I'll leave the challenge here, you guys can take it too and let me know how well you did!

Nail Polish Canada Swatch Challenge

And here's my Silver Medal!

Hope you all have a great saturday, I'll be back tomorrow with a review.


  1. loool diverti-me sim senhora! Rsultados: Gold Medal, 14 respostas certas + gata a saltar pelas teclas ao mesmo tempo hehehe. Anyway, não descobria todos :p

  2. eheheh silver too :) 10 certinhas

  3. Raquel_9mlUniverseJun 10, 2014, 11:31:00 PM

    Ena! Mas q sabichona! xD Eu fiquei na duvida com muitos...tb n se pode saber td. :P

  4. Raquel_9mlUniverseJun 10, 2014, 11:31:00 PM

    Olha outra sabichona! xD Tenho de começar a decorar swatches. xD


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