18 November 2012

Layla Swatch Spam - Part 1

Hi everyone!

Today I bring you some swatches of 3 different Layla polishes. Yes, I'm trying to post the old photos as quick as I can, I want to keep posting pretty photos from the new camera! :P So get ready for a long, long post!

The first one of the day is #03 from their Graffiti line. It's a yellow crackle, and even if I love the colour, I'm really not a fan of this look...Formula wise, I really can't complain! It's easy to apply and it does it's job pretty well. I used 1 thin coat over 2 coats of Essence Dopey.

The next one is another #03, this time from their Softouch line, and it's goooorgeous! It's a matte nail polish, well, not really matte...maybe suede is the appropriate word for it? Or brushed metal, as Catrice calls it? Anyway, I love it! The colour is hard to define (seriously, why are they always so hard to define to me?), it's grayish purple? Ah, doesn't matter...I give up!
The formula on this one was also pretty good, easy to apply, to clean and all that, it also dried really fast. This is 2 coats of it:

And I saved the best for last, Jade Groove, from their Hologram line. It's peeeeerfect! Why, oh why didn't I get this for myself sooner? Probably because everyone complained about how hard they are to apply, how top coat dulls it's holo and because of that they peel really fast...I wasn't willing to pay almost 10€ for a nail polish knowing all that! :S But now I want them all! Sure, they're hell to apply, they drag and pull and leave bald spots, BUT if you use Seche Vite or BTGN as a base coat (on top of your regular base coat) it is very manageable! That still leaves you with the durability problem of not being able to wear a top coat with it...Fret not! Top coat sandwich is your answer! Ok, this is what I did, 1 base coat, 1 coat of BTGN, 2 coats of Jade Groove, 1 coat of BTGN (bye bye pretty holo) and 1 final coat of Jade Groove (ohai! look who's back! :P).
Complicated? Yes...Long? Yes...Worth it? Oh, heck yes!! I painted my nails like this on a friday night, and this is what they looked like on the next wednesday night, right before I took it off.

Blurry shot to show those amazing rainbows! 

I think this is even more holographic than my L8R G8R, but I can't compare as I don't have it here with me, left it at my parents house... -.-'

And enough blabbing from me, it's saturday night, go have some fun! You are dismissed. :P

(These were sent to me for review)


  1. I've never heard of a topcoat sandwich. Lol. I can't believe it wore for that long!

    1. We have to keep experimenting, I was determined to make that baby last! And I know it's hard to believe, but it really did. xD

  2. I love the soft touch polishes! but man, that holo is gorgeous!

    1. They're really something else, those Laylas.


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