03 September 2012

31 Days Challenge #17 - Glitter

Before I resume the challenge, I need to apologize to my readers and the girls I was doing this with, as I disappeared without saying a word. You see, I was trying to do my best not to fall behind, to always have a post up every day, but I just couldn't do it...

When I signed up for this, I thought I would have a nice, peaceful summer at my parents house, with lots of time to do my nails, post and, occasionally, have some fun with my friends. Boy...was I wrong! There was always stuff to do here at the house, my mom loves having her dinner parties and needs my help with getting everything ready and on time, friends always want to go out and do stuff and when I'm home with some time, there's always someone asking, "Raquel, can you do my nails?"...Other than that, I still had to find time to do other things I like (reading, playing, chating with my friend Leticia, who suffered with all this too, since I had so little computer time), and still spend some time with my boyfriend. It was all too much for me, something had to give, and that was my own nails and blog. I had every mani ready, up until day 24, but couldn't bring myself to just post it, and after that, I completely quit! Also, my nails got so weak from all the painting and removing that they started to break...So, I filled my nails down, as short as I could, and went nail polish free until yesterday.

I will be posting the challenge again, 1 mani a day, and hopefully, when I'm done with the photos I have ready, my nails will be back in good shape and lenght. Now, let's move on with the subject.

For day 17, I went with a sloppy glitter gradient, this mani suffered from my lack of time. xD Apart from the sloppy gradient, I did an awful clean up job, sorry about that.

The polishes used are China Glaze Make Some Noise and Essence Make It Golden.

PS - I haven't been saying much about the nail polishes I have been using, as these challenge post aren't meant to be reviews, but if I have some trouble with the formula or application I will say so in the post, if not, assume it all went well. xD


  1. This is beautiful! No worries on falling behind :-) Excited to see all the rest of your manis!

  2. wonderful work :)) my dear

  3. I love how you applied glitter differently on your accent nail!!! It looks really cool =)

  4. I love the colour combination :)
    Looks great!!!!


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