31 July 2012

Nail Care Challenge #3 - Top Coats

Oh, I'm so late with this one...but I had to pack to come to my parents house for the month of August and I was left with no time to blog.

This week's theme is top coats. Being honest, I don't have that many, and for a long time I didn't wear any, but my nail polish would never dry and lots of times I would paint my nails in the morning and wake up the next day with some awful bed sheet marks.

These are the only top coats I have:

Claire's Top Coat - My first top coat. It is plain awful! It never fully dries and I would wake up every day with marks and dents on my nails.

Mavadry by Mavala - My second top coat and the first of the fast drying kind. It's really really good! My nails would dry in less than a minute and all my problems with bed sheet marks were gone. I used 2 bottles of it and the only downside on it is that it gets really tick and hard to apply once it gets around half full, and it's price... :S It would cost me about 13€ a bottle, which is a bit too much for my wallet.

Seche Vite - The holy grail of top coats, my favourite top coat ever, the best thing ever invented! xD Ok, seriously, I love this! It dries sooo fast, as soon as I finish applying it on my right hand, the left one is already completely dry, it gives my nails a tick and shiny look and, as Mavadry, it doesn't drag my nail art when I apply it. I get it for $4.25 a bottle (if my memory serves me right) on transdesign.com. Good thing about it is that as soon as it starts to get goopy and tick, you can add a few drops of Seche Restore (sold seperately) and you're good to go.

Kiko 3 in 1 Mat - My matte top coat of the moment. It's perfect! Works wonders on making your nail polish completely matte and it can be even used as a base coat for matte or pastel colours (makes application a bit easier and less streaky). I used to have Gosh matte top coat (mine is nowhere to be found, I have no idea of how I lost it), but it didn't work this good, it would only leave my nails with a rubbery look.

Purple Super Dry - This is a new one for me...I was looking for an alternative to Seche, wanted something a bit easier to get and cheaper if possible. This cost me 3€, it is available close to me, and it is fast drying! Sounds promising, no? Well, it did to me...until I tried it...It's not that it's bad, it really isn't, but comparing it to Seche, it just didn't measure up. :S I like that tick and shiny look that Seche gives my nails and this one is lacking on that department. It's thin, not so shiny and I had some dragging while trying it over some stamping.

That is it for now, sorry that I'm so late on this, but I really didn't have any time to do it earlier.

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  1. Can you find NYC over there? I am currently their Turbo Dry top coat and I think it works pretty well, and it only costs 1,99€ or something like that! Super cheap!

    1. Unfortunatelly no...I know a lot of girls here love Essence Better Than Gel Nails top coat, but I never tried it myself. Maybe I should give that a go.

  2. Gostei do post.. o Seche é mesmo sonho dos TC!!
    Linda acho que tens um pequeno lapso no tezto «..I would paint my nails in the morning and wake up the next day..» não será que querias dizer que pintavas a noite?? :P Se quem tiver errada for eu caga nisso deve ser do sono ehehe


    1. O Seche é o amor da minha vida! xD
      E n Lala, era mesmo pintar num dia de manhâ e no outro dia acordar c marcas de lençois! Sem top coat secante o meu verniz nunca seca. :S

  3. Ui....! lol Que horror de pintar as unhas assim! Mesmo sem top coat, no dia seguinte não tenho marcas de lençol normalmente. Anyway, i would love to try out Purple super dry but i have heard only good thing about it...3€ you say... humm!! lol You know i am in favoritism for Poshé instead of Seche ih ih. I would also love to try that NYC topcoat that Simona was talking about :p Kisses**


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