13 July 2012

Nail Care Challenge #1 - Base Coats

Hey girls!
For the next 4 weeks, every thursday I'll be taking part of this nail care challenge created by Bárbara over at Betty Nails. I've been wanting to talk about my nail care and the products I use for quite a while now, and this challenge is the perfect excuse to do so.

So, this first week is all about base coats, what we use right now, used before and would like to try.

These are the ones I'm using right now:

Risqué Base Fortalecedora (strengthening base coat) - This was my only base coat for years and years! It's cheap, it does help to keep your nails strong, but at some point I felt like my nail polish would chip too fast and other times it would bubble and I blamed the base coat. Now I only use this on my feet.

Essence Pro White Nail Hardener - Sucks as a base coat! I wore it under China Glaze Atlantis and 2 days later the nail polish completely fell off, in one piece, like I was losing false nails or something. Tried it again under Barielle Elle's Spell, and again, it was a complete fail! Painted them at night and they were chipped the next morning, I couldn't even take photos of it. -.-' But althought it sucks as a base coat, it really whitens the nails. My nails were looking a bit yellow but they really improved after wearing this! I forgot to take a photo of the before, but this is how they look at the moment (with base coat):

Kiss Diamond Hard - My go to base! I absolutely love it! My nails used to break and peel a lot, but ever since I started using this, all my problems were gone. They only break when I hit them hard or use them as a tool. I noticed that they started growing a lot faster then before and I usually take off my nail polish after 4-5 days of usage with no chips.

Right now, I'm using my own mix of Diamond Hard with Pro White! xD My Diamond Hard was getting difficult to apply, but the bottle still had quite a bit that I didn't want to throw out, and since I didn't really like using the Essence base coat I tried mixing them both together, and it worked! ^^ I know have a base coat that whitens my nails, keeps them strong and doesn't chip on the next day! What more could I ask for?

Other than these base coats, I also tried Mavala 002 Double Action, but my nails got really yellow while using that one, and Mavala Nail Shield, but I felt no difference while using that one. They belonged to my mom (that's why I don't have them here with me for photos) and she really saw some improvement on her nails while using the Double Action base coat, so maybe I just didn't use it long enough to notice any changes.

As for the base coat's I'd like to try, they are O.P.I Nail Envy and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength, but they're both so expensive here that I have no idea of how or when I'll be able to get them.

That's all for today and here's a list of all the girls taking part of this challenge:


  1. Great post! I think I'm going to buy that Diamond Hard. Not that my nails need some treatment but to test it for myself :)

    1. It's a really good base coat, definitely my favourite!

  2. Good post, I love reading about other peoples nail care routines. I've been pretty lax with my base coat recently so my nails are a little yellow :(

    1. I really hate when my nails turn a bit yellow, so I'm always trying to find ways to correct that.

  3. No fim-de-semana comprei a Diamond, precisamente pq li excelentes críticas e as minhas unhas estao mmo a precisar.


    1. Fizeste mt bem, ela é carinha mas faz um bom serviço e até dura bastante, tenho a minha desde janeiro.


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