20 June 2012

Water Decals

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Maggie from KKCenterHk. She wanted me to review something nail related, and I had to choose between stickers, stamping plates and water decals. I went with the last ones, as the title says.

I had never used decals before, and was a bit afraid  of messing up the application, but I did it exactly like the instructions said and it all went smoothly.

Mine were this model, they come in a strip like the one shown below (I forgot to take a photo before using them, so I'll just take the one from the site xD), 12 to be exact, and you can choose from 6 different sizes.

None of them fit my nails, so I had to cut them until they did, but that's pretty easy to do. Unless you're awfully lazy...xD

But enough blahblah and let's move on to the photos.

On top of the decals, I applied Seche Vite and had no problems with it wrinkling them or whatever.
I had them on my nails for 3 full days, and here's how my right hand looked before I took them out.

Not bad, I'd say. They held on pretty well, apart from the obvious tipwear.

I really liked my first experience with decals and I'm sure I'll order some more in the future.

In the meantime, if you'd like to get some for yourself just head on to KKCenterHk and use this code to get 10% off your order:


  1. Adorei :)


  2. Ficou perfeitinho nas unhas!! :)
    Adorei o resultado!



    1. Gostei mt mesmo! Facil de aplicar e sp é nail art instantanea. xD

  3. Replies
    1. Really liked the decals, now I want more. xD


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