26 March 2012

Funky French with Nite Owl

Ohai everyone!

Today I'll be showing you my only tan/beige nail polish. I don't really go for these colours, but something about this one caught my eye and I had to buy it! I'm talking about Orly Nite Owl.

I bought this one a couple of weeks ago and I wasn't even sure if I'd ever wear it, until last thursday, when I was called for a job interview on friday. After that call I immediately took off my previous mani, I couldn't go with blue and pink nails! xD So I grabbed Nite Owl from the drawer and I've had it on my nails since then, which is quite long for me.

The application on this was excellent, 2 easy coats, no dragging, no streaking, just perfect! Also, no chips so far as you will see from my photos, since these were taken today. I am very impressed with it, don't know if it is the nail polish or Seche Vite, all I know is that I still had an almost perfect manicure today with just a tiny bit of tip wear.

All the photos were taken under artificial light, no flash.

I usually get bored with a colour quite fast and change my manicures every 3-4 days, but I couldn't bring myself to take this one out, it just looked so perfect, so today I decided to freshen it up a bit and did a funky french, using my black Kiss striper, and added some drawing on my accent nail. I didn't draw it myself, I'm not that great with nail art, I used a stencil that came with the striper and this is what I'll be wearing tomorrow for my new job! C: (Just a call center, but better than nothing xD) 


  1. Nice blog you have here.... :) I'm expecting your visit... poshnailart.blogspot.com

  2. Lovely rendition! French tip and that design on your accent nail definitely added a bit of something to the manicure! Love!

  3. @Aylin

    Thank you! Following you back now.

  4. @Lizzy O.

    Thank you! I like to keep my manis pretty and simple. Too bad it's starting to peel a bit on the tips.

  5. This is an interesting beige, love the shimmer! And beautiful design on the accent nail, love it!

  6. Love the accent nail! The mani is simple but it still has something to it :)

  7. @arfblat

    Very interesting indeed! I never buy this type of colour but this one caught my eye. And thank you! :3

  8. @Kas

    Thank you! I usually try to do simple manicures, just to make it a bit different. Don't really like over the top stuff.


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