12 February 2012

Starting off with Fowl Play

  So here I am, jumping on the nail polish blog's bandwagon!

  Well, since this is my first post I think I should talk a bit about myself and my polish addiction. For starters, I'm portuguese but decided it was best to type in english, this way I can reach more people all over the world. I'm  28 years old and started collecting nail polish when I was 14 years old. At the time, my mom went on a trip to Canada and all I wanted her to bring me was nail polish, and she did! Lots!! I was so excited with all the colours that I used to paint my nails every night. No matter what, my nails had to match what I was going to wear to school the next day! After a while I stopped and the polishes were stored away. Unfortunately I only have 3 left from that collection, the others end up in the garbage a while back.
  Four or five years ago I started buying nail polish again and doing my nails 2-3 times a week, but my boyfriend didn't like it and after so many complains I stopped again, until we broke up for a few months during last year. I went straight back to my good old habit and nothing will stop me now! He still complains, but I just pretend not to listen.
  All this just to finally say that, even if started buying nail polish so many years ago, I don't own a huge collection, it's still under 70 polishes, but since I love taking pictures of it whenever I paint my nails, I felt like creating this blog so I could share them (not that they are anything special) and keep them organized.

  Ok, enough blabbering and lets get to the star of this post. This is Orly's Fowl Play, I got it yesterday on the mail and couldn't wait to try it out. It's my first Orly and I'm already in love with it, the formula was great and very easy to apply. I needed 3 coats to reach full opacity but it still dried pretty fast.

  So here are the pictures! Finally xD

Oh, look at all the pretty colours *-*


  1. Woot woot woot... welcome darling!!

  2. Thank you, thank you! Hope it will be a long stay.

  3. Que giro, não fazia ideia que tinhas essa "pancada", chamemos-lhe assim :D E que boa ela é, também adoro vernizes :) Tenho mtos mas não chega a 70 como tu :)

    Inicialmente tb pensei criar o blog sendo só de vernizes, mas pedi algumas opiniões e resolvi falar de mais aspectos de beleza.

    Qto ao Orly, olha, pareceram-me bons, principalmente em termos de qualidade. Sentes q têm qualidade. Em termos de durabilidade, n são nada maus, mas nada de milagroso :P

    Boa sorte com o bloguinho! :)



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