17 February 2012

Nubar - Reclaim, my first holographic nail polish

  As the title says it, this is my first holographic nail polish, and if someone had told me, a few months ago, that soon I'd be wearing this I would have said "NO FREAKING WAY!!". Every time I looked at holograpic nail polishes I could not understand what people saw in them, they were too damn bright and sparkly, how could anyone like that? Then, after a while, I too started to fall in love with them and I really had to buy one.
  This one was my first choice, but I already have Revvvolution by Color Club on the way and in April I'll be getting Ares, Dionisio and Hefesto by HITS. My holographic fever has begun...

 Here's some pics of Reclaim:

Artificial light, no flash.

In the sunlight.

Accent nail in detail  
(I hate these huge macros, they show every flaw D:)

Nail polishes used, in the sunlight.


  1. You have a beautiful nail shape :) I just nominated you for the versatile blogger award. If you;re interested check my post here: http://pinkishbeauty11.blogspot.com/2012/02/versatile-blog-award.html

  2. @pinkishbeauty11
    Thank you!
    I already did the versatile blogger post, but thank you anyway.

  3. Beautiful holo, I love it under the crackle finish! I have yet to get my first holo, but it's on my to do list


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