21 February 2012

Gray and flakies

Last week I received some nail mail, 3 Nubar (Reclaim, Elegant Indigo and 2010) and 1 Orly (Fowl Play). Some of them I already showed to you guys and today I'll be showing another one, Nubar 2010. This one is a flakie topcoat and it's absolutely gorgeous! I think I'm in love with it.

I wanted to layer it over some dark nail polish, so I could see the different colours of the flakies, but didn't know which one to choose. I tried it over black, blue, dark teal, green and gray, loved all the combinations but went with the gray this time.

Here are some pictures (pictures were taken in artificial light, no flash):

 Here you can see all the different colours the flakies reflect

Nail polishes used: Nubar - 2010 and Risqué - New York

Once again, the Nubar's formula was excelent, easy application and the flakies were evenly distributed without any struggle, like in some glitters. In other hand, Risqué's formula was awful! It was too tick and goopy making it impossible to apply the polish in thin layers.

I really loved this manicure and I got some nice compliments for it yesterday, that was a first! xD I went to the usual take out place to get some food and the lady taking care of my order asked to see my nails and I just showed her my hand, all proud, and then she called all the other girls that work there to take a look too. It was pretty funny. Unfortunately it started peeling last night...it didn't last for long, just 2 days...and I blame you, Risqué!! ಠ_ಠ


  1. Risqué já não é o que era :(


  2. This is so pretty!!! :D

  3. @Maggie

    Infelizmente isso é bem verdade...Acho que tenho uns 20, mas simplesmente desisti de comprar. Uns são mt liquidos, outros mt grossos e os mais antiguinhos (que têm uns 5-6 anos) já estão a secar dentro dos frascos.

  4. @MissAdelinne

    Thank you so much! Means a lot coming from you, I always love your creations. :3


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