20 May 2012

Leticia Well #493 Swatches and Review

Geez...It's hard to capture a neon nail polish on camera!

That's right, today I bring you a neon, they're going to be hot this summer, and although I'm not a fan of bright or neon colours I really liked this one.

I had to use 4 coats for it, but I think most people could get away with 3. It looks like a jelly to me, it has that squishy look and for 4 coats, it dried really fast. It didn't dry matte but not really glossy either, the photos were taken after I applied top coat.

I had a really hard time capturing this colour and my photos don't really show how neon this nail polish is, it was so bright that it even hurt my eyes sometimes!

(This was sent to me for review.)


  1. 4 camadas?? Jasus!! Mas é jeitoso..


  2. Wow 4 coats!!! Very pretty neon :)

  3. @Lala
    Sim, mas num neon já estava à espera. Eles são sp mt ralinhos.

  4. @PassionForPolish

    Yeah, but I already expected it from a neon. Really loved the colour though.

  5. @Missy

    Thanks, I really liked it too.

  6. Eu tenho o meu primeiro Letícia Well por estrear :) Curiosamente tb um néon, o meu é amarelo. Sei qual é este teu laranja, é lindo :)


  7. @Maggie
    Tb tenho este amarelo de que falas, mas se o laranja precisou de 4 camadas nem quero imaginar de qts precisará o amarelo!

  8. Wowzers, this is one impressive neon!!! :D

  9. Um truque para cores neon e fluorescente

    primeiro uma camada de branco fosco e destaques coloridos de néon depois, mas com apenas 1 ou 2 na camada mais

    fotografia é impossível depois de 50 tentativas de ver a cor real

  10. @Ashesela
    Yeah, it's really bright and so not my style, but I think I'll wear it again during the summer!

  11. @Anonymous
    Sei bem deste truque, mas se me mandam algo para review é para testá-lo a só mesmo.

    Obrigada pelo comentério na mesma.


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